Who Am I


Who is J’Chanet?

  • I’m a lover of fashion. Growing up, my mother, grandmother, and aunts were the “firsts” in what I would later recognize as “fashionistas”. They served as archetypes of all things “fashion” and through their examples, taught me what it meant to be fabulous. You could say that is in my blood.
  • I’m a mom. Nothing brings me more joy than motherhood.
  • I’m an arts enthusiast. Love visiting museums, attending plays and musicals, and listening to all genres of music.
  • I’m a foodie. Absolutely crazy about discovering new restaurants and trying out various cuisines.
  • I’m a shopaholic. Born to shop and find amazing deals of all kinds.

What is J’Chanet?

J’Chanet is a place to come for inspiration, by way of my passionate addiction to the three Fs:
Fashion, Food, and all things Fabulous! It’s about life, it’s about style—it’s about an amazing way of living!

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