My Autumn/Winter Must Haves From H&M

Who said dressing for the cold weather had to be boring? I know during this time of year we tend to gravitate towards the darker colors like browns and blacks but this season lets expand our color palette with richer tones.

The beautiful thing about the Autumn season you can still wear some of your summer pieces just by mixing in a few things like a light sweaters, booties and scarves. My must have items for the season calls for pleaded skirts, sweaters in an array of colors, timeless trenches, florals, lots of patterns, denim and suits.

H&M is one of the places that I like to shop at every now and then because they some beautiful stylish pieces that I can update my wardrobe with and the prices are affordable. During a recent shopping trip with my son I noticed some cute pieces that I immediately gravitated towards. Since the cool weather is fast approaching I have to add a few of theses pieces to my wardrobe.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from H&M that checks off my Autumn/Winter must have list.

1. Pleated Skirt

2. Knit Sweaters (option 1) (option 2)

3. Jacket/Coat (option 1) (option 2) (option 3)

4. Accessories (gloves) (wool hat)

Happy Shopping!!

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