Life is a Journey

Life is a beautiful chaotic magnificent mystery. There are times when we cry, we fight, we lose, we fail and it seems like everything is falling apart. It comes with its ups, downs, heartaches and pain but how we respond to it will significantly have an impact on our lives.

A few months ago I was let go from the place that I was employed at for numerous years. At first I didn’t feel anything because I was enjoying waking up at 7:30 A.M. instead of 6:00 A.M., going to the gym in the mornings and just enjoying some much needed me time. After a few weeks, I began to wonder what was next for me. After being in that industry for 13 years I knew for certain it was time to make a change.

There are moments when I cried because I was torn between doing what was expected or following my heart. Honestly, I have been planning and praying for this moment for quite some time on paper but was I mentally and emotionally ready for the unknown. The one thing that is certain I have to put my trust in God.

Life is a defiantly a journey but when we realize just how precious life really is we begin to grow mentally, spiritually and emotionally. In those moments we rise, we laugh, we love and we begin to see that just maybe life can make perfect sense. Now, I am not saying life will be perfect by no means because there will be hiccups and lessons to learn alone the way but it will begin to make sense. As we grow inwardly, we begin to “Go To Life” meaning we begin to live. I have decided to live out loud and just enjoy this journey. I am not certain where it will take me but I will follow the trail leading to my destiny.

Until next time Live to Inspire others and to be Inspired!!


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