Make A Statement With Stripes, Pleats and Mary Janes



Shoes Michael Kors (similar)(similar) Blazer: Express (cute)(cuteSkirt:Charley 5.0 (old) Shirt: RO&DE (old) (similar) (similar)

Friday everyone!!! I hope you had a fabulous week. I want to know does your mood dictate what you wear? Every item that you wear does it tell a story, what statement are you trying to make when you get dressed or does it really matter to you? 

 I have friends that tell me that they get their outfits together on Sundays for the entire week. I’ve tried that a few times but it just did not work for me. Each day I ended up changing up the entire look. Call it crazy but when I wake up I immediately picture a look in my head. What I wear is often based on my mood and what type of statement I’m trying to make.

Today was no exception. I woke up thinking about little girls and ruffled socks because my brother and my sister-in-law just welcomed my baby niece into the world. When I tell you that I am overjoyed because there are a lot of boys in my family. I’ve already picked up cute dresses, hair bows, Mary Janes and ruffled socks. 

With my niece in mind today was all about bringing out my inner child by being playful but of course with a grown-up twist. I pulled out my denim pleated skirt, striped blue and white shirt. I paired it black socks, my Michael Kors Mary Janes and my favorite burnt orange blazer. This is my first time wearing my Mary Janes that I have had for two years, I can’t believe that I have never worn them. Anyway, I could not think of a better time to rock these babies than at this very moment by bringing out my inner child while making a statement with stripes and pleats. 

Have a great weekend!!! Until next time, “Live to Inspire Others and To Be Inspired”


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