A Day Of Reflection

Before the fog cleared

As I was sitting here thinking about everything that has taken place in my life so far in 2015. What a ride it has been, I am humbly grateful.

Now, that I have time to put my Paris trip I to perspective. First, I have to say thank you to my friend April for inviting me on this trip. At first I turned down the invite because I had started making plans to go the summer of 2016 with my girlfriends. After someone close to my heart lost his battle with cancer just four months after being diagnosed I started thinking more and about taking that journey because next year was not promised plus life happens, friendships and relationships change. So the month before the trip I had finally made up in my mind to go.

Paris is a beautiful place, I really felt at peace. There is a lot of history in this magical place from the wonderful food, architectural designs and please do not get me started on the shopping. Although I probably knew about six words in French, everyone was very friendly and helpful.I think they really got a kick out of my attempt to speak the language. It is a great thing my brother speaks French. Speaking of my brother, I have to thank him for changing his plans to go with me since my friend would be at a conference during the trip.

Overall my trip was wonderful until the attacks occurred. Where one of the attacks occurred we were staying 2 miles away. Honestly, I did not go into panic mode but a place of concern, sadness, disappointment and heartache. My heart cried not only for Paris but worldwide.

People ask would I ever go back, my answer is absolutely yes and very soon. As we get ready to gather with our loved ones for the holidays let’s take to reflect on our lives and how it impacts others.

I pray for Peace, Love and Harmony!

Until next time

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