My First Experience at New York Fashion Week

Happy Friday Everyone!!! I wanted to share with you my first experience at New York Fashion Week. In the past I heard so many wonderful stories about the runway shows, parties etc and the different experiences they had at Bryant Park and the Lincoln Center.I hate I never go to experience them.

Nevertheless, I was beyond excited after invitations started coming in for runway shows, a Fashion Gala as well as previewing the collection for some emerging designers.

It started off rough, from the rain to the horrible traffic which caused me to miss a show at Skylight at Moynihan Station. Getting from one location to another was madness (tears). As the days went on, it definitely got better.

I met a great group of people, watched some amazing shows,and of course seeing the work and tears of the emerging designers was a wonderful experience.

I am making plans to attend New York Fashion Week in February but I plan on trying the Subway (I think) because of the money I spent on the taxi cab rides and the amount of time I was sitting in traffic. I think the prices went up because of everything that was going on in the city. I really did not know what to expect but overall I had a great time and I am looking forward to doing it again. My first experience at New York Fashion Week is one to be remembered.

Until next time live to Inspire others and to be Inspired.


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