Style Me Crazy: A White Shirt Dress & Cheetah-print

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Happy Tuesday! I have been looking for a cute white shirt dress for while, on a recent trip to H&M I was ecstatic to find this one on  clearance for $10.00. I was doing a happy dance all the way to the checkout counter. The dress is very comfortable and versatile it can be paired with a pair of flip flops, ballerina flats or a great pair of heels. I paired it with these sexy Michael Kors cheetah-print Cammie Platform sandals. They are no longer available Nordstrom, I got these for my birthday in December. This is my first time wearing them, it is amazing what you can find in the back of your closet.

Have a fantastic week!

4 Replies to “Style Me Crazy: A White Shirt Dress & Cheetah-print”

  1. Thank you Roshawn

  2. If you click on the link, they have some cute ones on sale

  3. Very cute dress. You’re rocking them heals too. Love the entire look.

  4. Catina Ford says:

    I absolutely love the dress and especially the cheetah print heels!!! I’m going to H&M in hopes of finding me a dress like that.

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