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Today I want to introduce you to Ms Jia, not only do I love her style but she is an inspiration. Jia is has a Degree in biology and now she’s currently enrolled in cosmetology school. Recently, I had a conversation with her to see what inspired her to enroll in cosmetology school and this is what she had to say

Throughout my college career, I would do hair on the side because it was something I enjoyed doing and the money came fast. I would tell my mother I wanted to go to cosmetology school, but she would say, “while you’re in my house, you have to get that degree first and then you can do whatever you want.” I enrolled into cosmetology school last October and changed my mind instantly. I got discouraged because I was too busy listening to what everyone else’s opinion was about my career path except my own. So, February 2nd of this year, I started my first cosmetology class and I love it. My family is very supportive. I actually come from a family full of cosmetologist, very talented ones at that. Choosing cosmetology is the best decision I’ve made thus far and I am beyond happy and eager to learn.

Talk about your passion:

My passion is cosmetology. There’s something about making another person feel beautiful once I’m done styling their hair. I am currently enrolled at Delta Technical College in the Cosmetology Program and I love it. I have wonderful instructors who are willing to teach me everything I need to know in order to be as successful as possible. I have natural born talent when it comes to hair, but there’s always room to learn and room to grow. I plan on mastering my craft. My dream is to own my own salon and I will.

What is your definition of style and how would you define yours:

Style is a form of expressing yourself. It depicts your personality and view of life. I would define my style as eclectic, deriving ideas and taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. My style is also very unpredictable, you’ll never know when I just might switch it up!

What are some key must haves pieces:

In my closet, I must have a ripped boyfriend jean, button down shirt, oversized clutch, and a heel five inches or taller!


What are your favorite beauty and hair products

My favorite beauty products are purchased from the MAC counter, I love their matte based primer, liquid foundation, and I can’t leave the house without their awesome concealer! My favorite shades of lipstick would be MAC Russian Red Matte, Cyber Matte, and Heroine Matte. Without concealer and mascara I just can’t start my day. My favorite hair products would most definitely come from the Carol’s Daughter line. And as long as I have my heat protecting serum and a flat iron, this short cut is good to go!

My motto is: “whatever you do, make sure it makes you happy”

It’s never too late to pursue your dreams


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